Full Moon in Sagittarius: May 23rd, 2024

Full Moon in Sagittarius: May 23rd, 2024

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Leaving Taurus season, the Sun in Gemini shines an energetic light that wakes up our mind to the wonder and connection in the busy flow of day to day life. However, with 4 planets in Taurus, we still have solid footing to navigate this next lunar phase, the Full Moon in Sagittarius. The fiery, free-spirited light of this Sagittarius Full Moon magnifies our emotional desires, culminating in a peak of awareness. To maintain happiness, we must release any fixed ideas and over-assumptions. Like the Centaur with its arrow aimed at unexplored horizons, we should educate ourselves beyond what we already know and breathe new life into our values and beliefs.

Adding nuance and positivity to this Full Moon is Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius and the planet of good fortune, expansion, and faith in life itself. Both Jupiter and Venus are in the final degree of Taurus, near the Sun and opposite the Moon. This alignment accentuates our desire for intimate connections and continued growth, prompting us to reconsider our beliefs around security and well-being. By acknowledging our personal needs and longing for stability, and being willing to explore new options or make beneficial adjustments, we can trust that it’s time to strengthen significant relationships in love, money, and basic comforts that fortify our innate faith in ourselves and in life. Changes are imminent with Jupiter entering Gemini on May 25, 2024. With steady footing, we can navigate this planetary shift with greater resilience and success.

Neptune in Pisces enhances the spiritual dimension of this lunar phase, bringing an abundance of intuition, inspiration, and compassion. This energy integrates our quests for truth and understanding with a sensitivity to our collective connection and personal beliefs. However, since Neptune can blur the lines between reality and illusion, it is important to pay attention to strong internal signals and outward signs, using wisdom in our choices and actions.

Infusing this Full Moon with opportunities for soul growth, Pluto in Aquarius compels us to delve into our dark corners and face the shadows that hide who we genuinely are. The transformative power of Pluto during this Moon is revealed when we empower ourselves to explore new frontiers and philosophies that genuinely align with our deepest truths, enriching our lives with greater meaning and purpose.

Rich with themes of adventure and discovery, this lunar phase in Sagittarius illuminates the stories we tell ourselves and share with others, as well as our ideas, beliefs, and philosophies. It invites us to question, seek direct cultural and spiritual experiences, and strive to understand not just the diverse world around us, but also the evolving universe within. The lively Moon in Sagittarius represents the hero’s journey, where traveling the unknown path and facing tests of our spirit are guided by the optimistic belief that beyond the familiar, we find the extraordinary. This is a time when our hearts lead us toward the truths we need to live authentically, passionately, and freely.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on Thursday, May 23rd, 2024 at 9:53 AM EDT.

This week's moon magic was written by our contributor, Deborah Sipple, Evolutionary Astrologer
Visit Deborah's website, Talking Sky Astrology, or follow her on Instagram @talkingskyastrology  for more astrological insight.

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