Coronavirus and the New World Order – Astrologically Speaking

Coronavirus and the New World Order – Astrologically Speaking

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Written By: Esoteric Esa

During a time of great discomfort comes the opportunity for forward progression: Growth. Growth, by standard definition is the process of increasing in amount, value or importance. In the current state of our humanity as we face the fear driven Coronavirus, we can look to defining Growth as the basis of pursuing and developing maturity in our spiritual perspectives as a collective – a society.


From a numerology standpoint, we have faced dramatic changes in humanity every 18 years. From 9/11, AIDS epidemic to JFK’s tragic assassination, there will always be upheaval needed in order to karmically progress us into our next phase of humanity. Coronavirus isn’t a matter of asking, “Why is this happening to us?” Rather a philosophical query of, “Why is this happening FOR us?”


Coming out of an era so heavily dominated by the old paradigm of the patriarchy (divine masculine focused society), we’re now presented with the gift of balancing our collective scales with the ushering of Uranus in Taurus. If Uranus was a person, he’d be the leader organizing protests, rallies and encouraging others to think outside of the box in order to release limiting beliefs. That’s exactly was this planet is doing at this time amid the Coronavirus. Saturn in Aquarius on the other hand, is all about discipline and structure. Aquarius is the spiritual rebel. Saturn in Aquarius is a formula for the discovery and expression of a new world order.


The fact that the virus that causes COVID-19 was rooted in China is no surprise considering China is the leading country that contributes to old patriarchy rules. China is the largest polluting country and still operates illegal animal farming. As Earth is awaiting our shift into 5D (fifth dimension) as a human race, this requires the demolishing of behaviors and systems that are out of date and do us no justice in order to meet the new vibration of the Age of the Aquarius. With stock markets plummeting, this is simply the system rewiring our structure of money with Uranus in Taurus. The World will look to China to reform their outlook on monitoring illegal animal farming and their pollution regulations. This is an opportunity for Growth. This is an opportunity for advancement in China, and the rest of the world’s spiritual outlook as we weave our way towards the new world order. Soon empathy will override how we once viewed our purpose here on Earth. Dissipating are the days where it was only a “rat race” to move up the ladder in hopes of living the American dream and becoming the next Rockefeller or Rothschild. The few who hold unlimited power behind these major corporations are being tested with their money, their power, and use of influence.


From the public knowledge of Johnson’s and Johnson’s cancer-causing baby powder to Monsanto, how will the old patriarchy adapt? There’s no place for selfish agendas in the Age of the Aquarius. COVID-19, and China’s leading role in this horror film is simply a way for the collective to see with new eyes. A new perspective on the reality that fear is the predecessor to Growth. Grow baby, grow.

 May you manifest wisely.

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Esoteric Esa is an intuitive mystic, conscious content creator, podcast host, YouTuber and spiritual healer. She's contributed astrology and metaphysical pieces for BeLatina and HipLatina’s bruja content columns. Her past collaborations feature projects with MiTu and We All Grow Latina. She curates an award-winning weekly podcast for manifestors titled, Better Work Bitch!, which is now on its fifth season, and dedicates her time towards empowering others through the knowledge of crystals, lunar cycles, numerology and more. Connect with her via Instagram @esoteric_esa.

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