Please reference our FAQs below to see if we have addressed your question before sending us an email.


How long will it take to receive my order?

- Every order is shipped out within 1-3 business days of purchase. Estimated delivery time once your order has shipped is:

Domestic (U.S.):  1-4 days

International: 4-15 days

NOTE: the speed of your order can depend on various factors such as holidays, post office delays, and the location your order is being shipped to.


Will my order have a tracking number?

-Yes, all orders come with a tracking number regardless of shipping destination.


Will I receive an email when my order is shipped out?

-Yes, you will get a confirmation email automatically after you place the order and another email once your order is shipped with a tracking number.


What payments do you accept?

-We currently accept payments from all major credit cards, ShopPay, ShopPay with Installments, ApplePay, Google Pay, and PayPal. (Note: you do not need an actual PayPal account to pay)


What happens if my order is lost in the mail?

-If your order is lost during the shipping process (ex: item is never received, tracking number won't update) please contact your nearest post office (with your tracking number) to assist you in finding your package.

-In SOME instances we will attempt to re-send a new order if the post office is unable to assist you. We offer this as a one-time courtesy. We are not responsible for incorrect shipping addresses provided by the customer at checkout. Please always double check that your mailing address was submitted correctly when placing your order. Your confirmation email will also have this information, if you notice anything is incorrect please contact us ASAP at:

If you agree to the one-time courtesy re-sending of an order you forfeit the opportunity for any refund to be issued. Even if the order is lost in the mail for a second time. 


Can I refund or exchange my order?

-In some cases we allow refunds or exchanges, up to 15 days after you receive your package. Please e-mail us right away and we will best assist you. We will not refund orders with mailing issues, or dissatisfaction with the product. If you receive your order damaged, or it becomes damaged within 30 days of receiving the item, we will refund or replace your order.

**If you wish to return your order because you are dissatisfied with the product please email us within 15 days of receiving your order. We will issue you a refund minus the shipping costs.


PLEASE NOTE: once your order is shipped out, we cannot take responsibility if it is damaged, lost or delayed. Please double check size, product description, and verify you have entered all your shipping address information accurately when placing your order.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact us via email at:

**We do not address customer service concerns through our social media. Please email us.**