When you shop Luna Lifted, you're supporting an independent, woman-owned small business. 

hi women of earth!

In August 2017 I launched Luna Lifted, a brand dedicated to inspiring and empowering the woman collective. I design symbolic pieces for the modern day Goddess (aka YOU!) Much of my inspiration comes from the Moon, tarot cards, Goddess archetypes, and other empowering female pioneers and their stories.

What started as a creative outlet for me to re-discover myself after dealing with my own struggles, I created Luna Lifted with the intention to inspire other women to embrace their darkness and use it as motivation to find their light.

You don't need these pieces to feel complete, I want this jewelry to remind you of how powerful you are, the magic that runs through your veins, and all you've overcome in this life.

Suffering can either bitter us or ennoble us. I'm just a girl that fucked up a lot in my late teens-early 20s. Until I started leveraging my circumstances to uplift  instead of self-destruct. I channeled that energy into art, service, expression, motivation, and creativity. What I learned is, pain keeps being painful the more you feed it. Instead, feed your creativity your pain. This is what Luna Lifted was built from. Pain turned to love. Addictions turned to freedom. Struggle turned to motivation. Falling turned to rising. You are just as capable as me to craft the future of your dreams. Remember: intention + action = magic. I believe in you. I hope you do too.

all my love,






This is our story; expressed through charms, crystals and stones.

Your elements are my elements. Collectively we shine.
Inspired by tarot cards, goddess archetypes, the cosmos, the moon, and all the divine feminine energy in-between,
our jewelry is designed with intention: to connect you to your true self
so you can empower the world.
Luna Lifted is a brand with spirit, emotion, a message.
A message to make peace with your broken pieces.
To acknowledge your darkness without being afraid of it.
Every piece is infused with moonlight from the full moon
and cleansed with the energy of She--the divine feminine
She lives within us all

She is rooted.

And She too shall rise.