From Balance to Intensity, Samhain, and Persephone

From Balance to Intensity, Samhain, and Persephone

Written By Shawn Engel

From the usherance of Fall into the thinning of the veil, we are finding ourselves in the deeper parts of October! It’s spooky time and the season of the witch, so there is a lot of psychic energy in the air. Let’s go through the energy of balanced and charming Libra, leading us into the depths of sexy Scorpio.

The Scales of Libra is a sign of balance, yes, but also the beginning of the harvest before leaves begin to fall, justice and peace, and some fun flirtation. As an Air sign, Libra season is chatty and light, but also ruled by Venus, so quite sensual! It is during this time that we find our rhythm in what serves us and what doesn’t, while still having a good time.

Ruling the 7th house, which governs relationships and marriage, Libra season asks how we relate to the outside world. Whether if be with beauty, charm, fairness, or dalliance, Libra asks you to look outside of yourself to create impact. With their Tarot card being Justice, you can see that the power of the sword (symbolizing the air element) and the balance of the scales seeks to create harmony for all.

Beginning on the first day of Fall, Libra’s have a cardinal quality. This shows their ability to begin a cycle and set trends, as we all follow suit into the darker portion of the year.

Oh and how dark it gets, when we happen upon mysteriously sultry Scorpio season.


Beginning on October 23rd, we all feel the sting of the Scorpion. As a Water sign, Scorpio brings us into the depths of the tides and asks us to seek out truth and intensity. Being much more heavy than amorous Libra season (while still quite sexy) there is a tendency to feel overwhelmed if you prefer to live on the surface.

Scorpio rules the 8th house, famously the house of sex, death, and taxes. Scorpios take care of business, and they look good doing it. Their Tarot card is Death, which, rather than being a terrifying omen, is actually a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. 

Landing in the middle of Fall and hovering over Halloween, Scorpio’s quality is fixed. This lends to Scorpio’s stubborn nature, which is always backed by a stinger when threatened. Being ruled by both Mars, the fighting and screwing planet, and Pluto, the planet of the underworld, you can see that Scorpio is not to be messed with.

With the intense psychic nature of Scorpio and their inherent intensity, it is no wonder that they envelope the Witches New Year, or Samhain.

What is Samhain?

Samhain, Halloween, or the Witches New Year, celebrates the time of the year when the veil between the living and the dead is at it’s thinnest.

Back in Pagan days, people would celebrate this Sabbat by dressing up as ghouls and goblins to scare away malevolent spirits, while adorning their hearths with photos of beloved ancestors to commune with. Because the veil let’s just about anything in, it’s wise to practice psychic protection at this time.

This year, Samhain falls on the same day as Mercury Rx, so gear up for some technical difficulties! As Mercury is the planet of communication, when it stations retrograde we tend to be fuzzy in this arena. If you plan to do spirit work, or even just travel on this day, make sure you are crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s.

Poetry by Nikita Gill

Who is Persephone?

Persephone, daughter of Demeter and Zues, was abducted by Hades and brought to the netherworld to be his bride. Because of Aphrodite’s jealousy and suspicion that her sister was to remain a virgin, she instructed Eros (or Cupid) to shoot an arrow through Hades heart, causing him to abduct Persephone and make her a child bride. This creating both the Beautiful Maiden and Goddess of the Underworld.  

Persephone is the perfect example of lying on both sides of Libra and Scorpio season. As a goddess who exudes beauty, charm, and innocence, who then in a passionate whirlwind binds herself to the underworld, we see the transition and duality of the feminine divine.

It is said that Persephone ate pomegranate seeds, which bound her to Hades by one for each month. For this every spring she rises and brings joy and harmony, only to return to the depths ushering in fall and winter, killing all crops and foliage, just as her mother Demeter did when she found her favorite daughter had been abducted to hell.

Photo By Daniel Vazquez

Psychic Protection and Shadow Work

Exploring our shadow while practicing psychic protection is a very healing way to celebrate Samhain. Using Persephone as inspiration, this will help you to honor the depths.

What you’ll need:

  • A cleansing tool of your choice (herbs, incense, bells, etc.)
  • Visualization
  • A pen and paper

How to perform:

  1. First, clear the area in which you’re performing your ritual. This will help give you balanced energy in which to work.
  2. Next, you will perform a visualization to protect you from outside energies. You can perform steps 3 through 6 whenever you desire to help guard you during the thinning of the veil.
  3. Sit quietly and sink into meditation.
  4. Visualiza a large white orb at the top of your head, connecting all the way to the heavens.
  5. Once it is bright and concentrated, imagine a crystal grid surrounding you, covering your entire body, connecting to that orb.
  6. Sit with this protection until you feel comfortable, and let it softly fade away, knowing that it is armoring you whenever you need it.
  7. Next, grab your pen and paper.
  8. In order to reach into our depths, we will perform some shadow work. Journal on these prompts as honestly as you can:
    1. What is your greatest desire, and it’s underlying fear. How does this fear actually serve you?
    2. When have you been at your worst, and how can you express compassion towards that version of you?
    3. Where do you experience envy in your life, and what emotions do you feel when you explore having what you covet?
  9. Sit with this journaling exercise until you feel a bit lighter.
  10. When you are finished, imagine a bright white light coming from the paper and shooting directly into the heavens, releasing you from your burdens.

This ritual will help you to see that there is no dark or light, but all complicated grey. By exploring your depths, you can lift them to the surface. Use the remainder of this season to focus on your spirit and your psychic protection. 

Happy Samhain!

Meet The Writer
Shawn Engel, owner of WitchyWisdoms, is a spiritual mentor, brand strategist, entrepreneur, and Tarot reader. It is her life’s purpose to help others with the strength of her intuition and ability to attract open doors. Primarily she works with entrepreneurs to help them solidify their brand and land features for exposure, but she continues to work as an abundance coach, helping women find their spirituality and build a firm foundation of gratitude on which to manifest from. She has worked with thousands of women by performing Tarot readings, leading spell work and rituals, teaching manifestation lessons, and providing business strategies and mindset work. She has been featured in multiple publications including Cosmopolitan, Bust, and Sabat magazine, and is the author of Cosmo’s upcoming book on Love Spells.


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