Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon Rituals

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One of the most important connections we have in the magical universe in which we live--is earth's closest neighbor: the moon. We see the impact the moon has on our planets and its inhabitants. The Moon's twenty-eight day cycle influences the oceans' tides, the weather, crop growth, animal and human fertility (seriously---the Farmer's Almanac has professed this for two centuries) and the way we feel and behave.


"Some of our greatest spiritual work as women lies in realigning ourselves with the rhythm and rhyme of our Moon time. Getting to know the Moon cycle is like a master key to your monthly superpowers." -Ruby Warrington, Material Girl, Mystical World


Astrologers associate the moon with emotion, intuition, and creativity--the very things us Goddesses rely on when performing magic. So, if you want your intentions, spells, or anything you manifest to be more powerful and effective, pay attention to the moon's cycles and learn to draw upon her lunar energy.


While each phase offers unique powers depending on what you seek, the moon's most powerful phase is the full moon. This is a time of fulfillment, activity, increased psychic ability, for perfecting ideas, gratitude and letting go, celebrations, or renewing commitments to people or projects. It’s time to move ahead and carry on in the direction that your intention was carrying you. A full moon is the best time for spells of any kind.


Full Moon magic can be conjured during the three days before the rise of the full moon, the night of the full moon and during the three days afterwards (GODDESS TIP: it's a good idea to sit down with your yearly calendar and mark the moon phases for the coming year).


Now here’s how to make the magic happen....


Do we need spells and rituals to get what we want in life? No. If you have strong faith and a forceful mind, you can create what you want by merely thinking it is. Conducting a ritual is an appeal to our subconscious mind. You must be aware of every feeling and emotion from start to finish. Everything you do in a ritual must have intention behind it. When you conduct rituals you are actually sending out vibrations that soar through the cosmos to bring the reality back to you. You are raising energy.

And all you actually need to create magic is YOU. 
You are the most magical tool of all
 Here are a few rituals to try during this full moon. The best part about conducting magic under the full moon is there is no "right" or "wrong" way, there is only your way.


Take a bath. Break out the epsom salts (epsom salts are a major detox tool. They remove toxins which are expelled through your skin, your largest organ of the body, and they also dispel any negative energy that's hanging on. This cleanses your aura). Add some candles and soothing music (Alina Baraz’s Urban Flora album is a good go-to), add bubbles, a bath bomb or rose petals to the water. Tea or Wine is always welcome too ;)

Practice self-care. Do something nurturing for yourself on the day of the full moon. This could be something as simple as getting your nails done, getting a massage, treating yourself to your favorite dinner, participating in a long yoga class. It could be spending your afternoon drawing or writing… whatever it is for you, do it.


Work with crystals. If you are a goddess with crystals the Full Moon is an excellent time to clean and have them ready to charge with intention.  Place them out on the earth and under the moon... Let them bathe for a few hours in morning sunlight. Many crystals like Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, and Smoky Quartz will fade in direct sunlight so it is best to charge crystals just during sunrise.

Photo: The Starchild Tarot

Pull a tarot card. Do you read oracle cards? Pull one (or however many) on the day of the full moon. Use it as a guide for a question you have. The full moon is an excellent source of energy for your cards. Simply place them in window or even outside to bathe in the moonlight.

Sage away negativity. Light some sage and cleanse your home with it. When it starts smoking, wave it around and over your head, neck, and shoulders. It removes any lower energies that have attached to your aura. It also kills bacteria.


Release old habits. Grab a pen and rip up some pieces of paper. Write down traits, habits, attitudes, beliefs that you wish to shed and leave behind. Then go outside and burn the paper in a ritual fire to symbolically destroy what you no longer need. And do it with soooo much love! Be so grateful for those things, because you are using those things as FUEL for your future manifestations, to turn into your greatest version.


Stare at the moon. Appreciate it. Send love to her. She will send it right back. She's amazing like that. Take a moonlight walk. I also highly recommend doing this barefoot on the sand or ground… even if you are just sitting outside. Connecting with the actual Earth is beyond healing. We have gotten so far away from the simple truths of this planet and how we can connect, heal, and stay vital.


Close your ritual with a moment of gratitude.  A simple thank you to Mother Earth, and a thank you to yourself for having this moment and taking the time to grow to your fullest potential.



These rituals are simple starting points to help you on your journey of becoming a better version of yourself. You'll notice that the more aligned you are with yourself, the more your feminine spirit awakens. And the more aligned you are with your feminine spirit, the more aligned you are with the Earth and her cycles and seasons. After all, nature is the feminine, and your body and the Earth are one. You are a FORCE OF NATURE.


Use your Luna Lifted gems as reminders and work with them during these rituals. They stand for so much more than a mere accessory. They hold within them lunar energy, guiding you to tune into your emotions and awaken the goddess within.


-La Luna

I owe much of this knowledge to these amazing books written by amazing women. Check them out:

WITCH by Lisa Lister

Material Girl, Mystical World by Ruby Warrington

The Modern Guide to Witchcraft by Skye Alexander


Comments, suggestions, and thoughts are welcome. Feel free to leave them below 💜

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Jasmine Brown

Jasmine Brown

This really helped me a lot I will take the time today and cherish the full moon and let go of all negativity in my life

This really helped me a lot I will take the time today and cherish the full moon and let go of all negativity in my life

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