Karmic Soulmates: Eliminating Karmic Debt and Strengthening Self-love

Karmic Soulmates: Eliminating Karmic Debt and Strengthening Self-love

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Written By: Esoteric Esa

Let’s change the way we view karma. 

Often times, karma gets a bad rep. You think of its meaning and you shortchange it for something that’s nearly always negative. Right? It’s cool, plenty of us do that or have done so. 

Really, the way current society perceives the understanding of karma is that of a oneway street. Down and out. However, karma can be good and karma can be bad. How do we determine good karma from the bad? Much of that is based on perception. It is we the human who manipulate energy into polarities. Don’t get me wrong, polarities are valid for our human 3D existence. Why? Well, it’s a school of thought that we need the good for the bad as we eb and flow through our cycles. How else will we appreciate the dark times when the sunshine arrives?

There’s much association around the recognition of the types of soulmates we encounter in this incarnation now that we’re awakening as a collective and moving forth towards 5D mentality. You might have seen the term karmic soulmate float around Instagram memes or have possibly heard of it in Tarot YouTube readings, and thought, “How can someone who is karmic be coined a soulmate?” How can karma and soulmate intermingle in the same sentence? Who gave the bully in the schoolyard permission out of detention and a seat next to the straight A student thinking they’d place nice?

The word soulmate brings about instant feelings of love and good vibes as we know it to be a positive description of a lover/partner. But, to add karmic as a prefix is sort of like adding pickles to your brownie lava cake, a big “WTF?,” upon first introduction to such label. 

There are many karmic soulmates we can encounter in this lifetime based on my astrology and numerology readings I’ve performed. Quite frankly, karmic soulmates are the most common and easiest to identify. As you continue reading this, I do want to express that none of what is shared in this piece is meant to influence you to think that karmic soulmates are ALL good and NEVER toxic. This is information that spirit offers up for you to articulate your own understanding of how this divine knowledge is applicable to your personal timeline. Read with thy third eye and open up that heart chakra as you consume the messages in this piece. Meaning, interpret according to your own opinion and free will. We don’t encourage groupthink, we encourage love. ;)

For all the times you’ve had your heartbroken, been stood up or ghosted, these actions are classic innuendos of karmic soulmate behavior. Felt betrayed by a friend once before or left out in the cold by family? These gut wrenching and disappointing letdowns by potential lovers, frenemies, or family members, all have one commonality. Their actions that triggered discomfort, pain, or sadness, were moments of educational awareness as you reflect back on ‘em. Karmic soulmates exist to energetically assist us with healing our shadow aspects. How did that relationship help you learn to love yourself a little harder? How did that fall out with a friend give you a deeper understanding of what it’s like to be a dependable friend to yourself first? It’s time we find a peace of mind through what’s a piece of mine. Bits and pieces of your heart and power that you’ve given away to others, don’t have to stay with them forever. In fact, they’re there for the taking, time to reclaim as you shift your perception.

We are proactively eliminating karmic debt through these karmic soulmates regardless of how long or short they last. We are strengthening our own definitions of self-love as we process the triggers we encountered from these karmic soulmates. This is how we balance the scales and clear out karma. How can you turn your pain into power? How do we turn fear into faith? The alchemist is never jaded. The alchemist finds altruism as he/she creates his/her magic from the empathy that manifests from the inflicted pain, which stems from the actions of others. 

No, do not tolerate toxic connections. Set those healthy boundaries. Make a pact that you have no time for low vibrational bullsh*t. Move with love. Process from a place of love. May you grow from the love that watered the roots that stemmed from sorrow. Grow baby, grow. 

I leave you with this, karma can be good and karma can be bad. As above, so below.
May you manifest wisely.

Esoteric Esa is an intuitive mystic, conscious content creator, podcast host, YouTuber and spiritual healer. She's contributed astrology and metaphysical pieces for BeLatina and HipLatina’s bruja content columns. Her past collaborations feature projects with MiTu and We All Grow Latina. She curates an award-winning weekly podcast for manifestors titled, Better Work Bitch!, which is now on its fifth season, and dedicates her time towards empowering others through the knowledge of crystals, lunar cycles, numerology and more. Connect with her via Instagram @esoteric_esa.

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