Sex Magick: How To Open Your Mind For Powerful Manifestation

Sex Magick: How To Open Your Mind For Powerful Manifestation

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Written by Gem Blackthorn

Sex Magick is arguably the most intimate form of manifestation. It harnesses ecstatic energy and directs it towards your intention like an unstoppable laser beam, crackling with heat, force, and power. It’s a witchy favorite, especially in what is a mostly sex-positive community. Social norms have, however, resulted in subconscious hangups about sex in all of us.

Like any form of magick, if there are any relevant negative energies, they will affect the work. So if you’re using sex magick to manifest money, a new job, healing energies, or anything else, the results might be lackluster if there are negative feelings about sex in the subconscious. 

Sex related discomforts stem from either social norms and/or trauma. Social norms might lead us to believe that sex is offensive or that our bodies aren’t sexy. Remember that we are the universe experiencing itself. Sex uses the universe’s generative force to continue and evolve. Meaning, if you have a body, it is inherently sexy. It’s able to attract and reproduce, if you will it to do so. That includes your birthmarks, scars, curves or slenderness. 

This also means that sex isn’t offensive, it’s divine. To quote Allen Ginsberg on “Footnote to Howl”: 

“Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy!

The world is holy! The soul is holy! The skin is holy! The nose is holy! The tongue and cock and hand and asshole holy!

Everything is holy! everybody’s holy! everywhere is holy! everyday is in eternity! Everyman’s an angel!” 

Trauma can cause a lot of negative emotions towards sex. Whether you feel that you have moved on or if the trauma is still fresh, a series of small rituals to release the trauma gradually over time will go a long way.

A combination of social norms and trauma can also lead to more complicated feelings about sex, such as it being impure. If you work with ancestors, you might be afraid to become an incestual, celestial PornHub. Granted, thinking of an audience of loved ones probably isn’t the sexiest thing to have in mind. 

Sex Magick is a fun and worthwhile practice that everyone should enjoy if they wish to do so. Before sex magick, we should clear up how we feel about sex. 

ART BY: Zeynep Beler


One of the best ways to get to know your true feelings is to see them written down, reflected back like a mirror. This is why I recommend good ol’ fashion journaling. To get in tune with your subconscious, you’re going to want to move your conscious to let you through. Ask your spirit guides to aid in the communication between you and your subconscious. To take over the mighty pen and reveal what emotions you need to face. This delves into Automatic Writing, which is a way to channel messages through writing. 

If channeling is too difficult or simply not your thing, jump start the conversation with prompts:

  • “Sex is…” 
  • “People who do sex magick are…” 
  • “If I do sex magick, I am…” 
  • “I believe my body is…” 
  • “Witchcraft and sex are…” 

Don’t stop writing until you reach a new level of understanding for what sex means to you and how that relates to your spiritual practice. 




Remove the footprints of a bad thought with a spiritual bath. Salt water mixed with healing intentions can go a long way to wash away lingering social norms. If you’re working towards feeling more comfortable in your own skin, add wine and cinnamon to warm water and let your skin soak up all that sweetness and sensuality. If you want to become more comfortable with a particular partner, try sitting with them in a tub full of sexy ingredients for about fifteen minutes.



Plan a ritual to work out your feelings towards sex. Be as detailed as possible, this way, you only have to worry about each particular step and not the entirety of the ritual when the time comes to perform. Use this planning process to outline your boundaries. Ask yourself: 

  • Will you work with ancestors, divinity, or just your higher self? 
  • Will you be skylad, in lingerie, or just a tank top and pajama bottoms? 
  • What ingredients do you find sexy?

This ritual is only for you and your magick, so adjust all advice to your comfort level.

Sex magick uses energy straight from the source: You. You and your body are products of the universe. Sex energy is divine and primal. All you need is an intention and an orgasm and your manifestation will echo through the universe as if coming from an amplifier. It’s worth to dissolve our preconceptions about sex so that our magick has a clear path towards coming true.


Meet The Writer

Twitter & Instagram: @gemblackthorn

Gem Blackthorn is a Tampa-based writer, editor, and eclectic witch who comes from a long line of healers and diviners. She uses Tarot, Lenormand, and pendulums to deliver messages to her spiritual clients. When she's not dancing around her apartment lighting incense in every room, she's traveling the United States providing business development, digital marketing, and editing services while exploring bookstores and metaphysical shops. She's a sex columnist for Queen Mob's Teahouse and poetry editor for Persephone's Daughters. You can find her in the print works of Contraposition Magazine and Reading Queer. She's also passionate about giving back to her community through Rotaract.

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