December 18, 2020

The Great Conjunction in Aquarius Opens Gates of Humanitarianism

The Great Conjunction in Aquarius Opens Gates of Humanitarianism
Written By Esoteric Esa (Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad)


Monday, Dec. 21st is a major cosmic gateway for the collective as Jupiter and Saturn will both meet up in the sky in the sign of Aquarius for what’s known as, The Great Conjunction. The Great Conjunct occurs every 20 years when these two planets catch up to one another in the same zodiac sign. In this case, it will be transpiring in the air sign of Aquarius, which is unique as all the last time there was an air element in the mix it was long ago. Up until this very moment, the earth element has dictated all prior Great Conjunctions. This is why the astrology community is geeked out for this rare cosmic event. 

Aquarius is known as the sign of friendships, humanitarianism, hope and healing. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, expansion and prosperity. Saturn is The Lord of Karma, discipline and restrictions. In true cosmic theatrics, we have a paradox occurring when you have the planet of expansion, Jupiter, and the planet of restrictions, Saturn, teaming up for alchemy. 

It’s safe to say any of your Aquarius placements will receive an influx of positive energy in your natal chart. If you have any Capricorn placements, especially Saturn, you’ll feel lighter and ready to tackle the world. Especially for those who completed their Saturn return now that Saturn is exiting Capricorn. You’ve completed your tests and your restrictions are being lifted. You’ll also want to check for any placements in Sagittarius to see where there is room for new outlooks on life and what needs to be revisited for a shift in perception in your natal chart. You’ll want to find where Jupiter is orbiting in your natal chart to analyze where your potential lies in 2021. This energy of The Great Conjunction will last us until the next time they revisit one another. 

For the collective, there will be a push for collaboration and building of harmonious relationships, partnerships and critical alliances globally. Aquarius is the energy of the collective, The Star card in the Tarot. Aquarius wants to build friendships, create community, but still remain individualistic with respect to its eccentricity. Now that there will be new political leadership in the U.S., one can expect a process of rebuilding alliances abroad in hopes of bringing harmony to humanity after the chaos endured by Trump. 

The Great Conjunct sets the precedence of what humanity is calling, Age of The Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius comes after we’ve concluded Age of Pisces. Age of Aquarius encourages us to leave orthodox views on life, religious based Patriarchy, and embracing the opening of the portal for Spirituality to inspire this modern-day Renaissance. 

We can expect a rise in technological advances and the integration of it in our education, medical and monetary systems thanks to Uranus in Taurus aspecting this Transit until 2026. Uranus is the planet of revolution and the ruling planet of Aquarius. This will exacerbate the energy of radicalism and free-thinking. There will be continued conversations around tearing down old fundamental values in the U.S. as Jupiter and Saturn will help balance the scales of Karma for liberation. 

Don’t fear this transit. There is a lot of benefit from these two heavy Titans and their goal is to progress humanity into the next ascension. There could be a tremendous fall in leadership for those who abuse their power as Saturn will make sure duties and debts are repaid. This will be a unique transit for Trump as it relates to his health again since it is orbiting his 6th house of health. On the contrary, Barack Obama will be enjoying his Jupiter Return, also known as his Emerald Transit, and will receive wonderful recognition for his creative projects to come. 

Stay grounded during this transit and implement grounding techniques. Aquarius is a cerebral and ethereal energy that requires working with the lower chakras in order to harness this eclectic and playful sign. 

May you manifest wisely. 

Esoteric Esa (Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad)
Esoteric Esa is an intuitive mystic, conscious content creator, podcast host, YouTuber and spiritual healer. She's contributed astrology and metaphysical pieces for BeLatina and HipLatina’s bruja content columns. Her past collaborations feature projects with MiTu and We All Grow Latina. She curates an award-winning weekly podcast for manifestors titled, Better Work Bitch!, which is now on its fifth season, and dedicates her time towards empowering others through the knowledge of crystals, lunar cycles, numerology and more.