Valentine's Day Ritual 💖

Valentine's Day Ritual 💖

Don’t get it twisted, today isn’t about having a partner, lover, or someone to buy you roses. Today is a holiday to honor the Goddess--YOUR inner Goddess.



The pagan calendar marks February 1st as Imbolc—an important step towards March’s Spring Equinox.

This holiday is especially sacred to the Celtic Fire Goddess, Brigid, patron of healing, caring for the ones you love, and poetry. She was especially honored when it came to matters of prophecy and divination. It is the festival of the Maiden, for from this day to March 21st, it is her season to prepare for growth and renewal.


"The Celtic Triple Goddess Brigid, synonymous with this day, is the Queen of the Underworld, the Mother of all beings, and the Mistress of the Elements. Whether it’s the sacred prostitute, the Divine Mother or the snake in the garden of Eden, the Divine Feminine holds and honors it all. Think of February as a time to break free from the pain of having to be “one type of woman”—and to exchange archetypal constraints for a wildish knowing."
-Lucy North, The Numinous
Imbolc is a time of magical energy related to the feminine aspect of the goddess, of new beginnings, and of fire.
It's also a good time to focus on divination and increasing your own magical gifts and abilities.


Valentine’s Day Ritual

What you need:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Envelope
  • Rose Quartz
  • Flowers (your choice)
  • Honey (agave for vegans)
  • Pink, gold, or white candle (in a fire safe holder)

Ground and center yourself by taking three deep breaths in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, sending your focus and attention to the earth beneath you.

Visualize yourself surrounded by a bright golden sphere of light pulsating and cleansing your space and aura. Hold the flowers to your heart and set your intention to reclaim your personal power and increase self-love.


Carefully carve the candle with your name, birthdate, and anoint it with your favorite aroma and saliva (or bodily fluid of your choice). Light, it up. Meditate on the flame, focus, and set your intention. Hold on the rose quartz until it begins to pulsate.

Take some time to reflect and write down everything you love and appreciate about yourself. Focus on your strengths, your skills, your abilities, your compassion, your creativity, your humor, your cooking, your touch, your body, your love making, all of it! When complete fold the paper towards yourself and put it in the envelope.


Slowly taste the honey and say:

I call back my energy

I call back my essence

I call back my power

I call back my trust

I call back my ability to love fully

I love myself

I am worthy

I am safe

I am in alignment

I am loved

For the highest good, so be it.

Repeat the affirmations as many times you need to feel it and believe it. Keep the letter somewhere safe and refer to it anytime you need to remind yourself that within you holds the power of the Goddess, your inner Goddess.


Venus Rose Necklace & Aurora Necklace in Pink Quartz, two Luna Lifted Gems to amplify your magic & self awareness during Valentine's day and the rest of Imbolc 💓


Sending you love & light, always 💖
-La Luna


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