How To Show Up For Yourself This Virgo Season

How To Show Up For Yourself This Virgo Season

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Written by Lizzie Burgess

Ah, the gentle nudge of Virgo season – a time when the world seems to glow with the earthy energies of growth and self-reflection. For those who resonate with the nurturing spirit of the Earth element, especially our beloved Virgos, this season can bring not only personal growth but also a unique challenge: the tendency to take on others' worries. How can you navigate this path of empathy and set your own boundaries without ruffling any feathers and pissing folks off? Let's explore some heartwarming insights to guide you on this journey.

This season is a powerful reminder that our innate qualities of practicality, reliability, and attention to detail are our superpowers. Welcome them, for they are the foundations upon which you have built greatness. As you step onto the path of self-discovery with witchcraft, or professional growth, or the general pursuit of knowledge, trust that the cosmos ABSOLUTELY has your back.

When you "show up correct," you're not just presenting your best self to the world, but you're also showing up for yourself – honoring your journey and all the progress you've made. Each step you take, whether it's towards your job, your studies, your loved ones, or your community, is a testament to your commitment to growth and transformation.

You can always feel the Earth Element within you grounding your intentions, just as the roots of a mighty tree anchor it to the soil. You can check in any time you need to babe. You are a force of stability, and your presence ripples positively through the lives you touch. Remember Virgo folks, your devotion to meticulous planning and your desire for excellence are your allies. Channel these energies to build a future that's not only bright but also brimming with authenticity and purpose.

Setting Gentle Boundaries:

Imagine your heart as a delicate garden, lush with your aspirations and dreams. As you engage with others, let them know that while you're a beacon of support, you also need to tend to your own garden. Be open about what you’re growing too. Kindly express your willingness to help while cherishing your own needs and goals.

Embracing the Gift of Listening:

In a world buzzing with distractions, your attentive ear is a rare treasure. When others seek solace in your presence, remember that listening empathetically doesn't mean carrying their worries as your own. Your art lies in lending your ear without shouldering their burdens. You can always say “Would you like me to just listen and let you share, or would you also like advice?”

Empowerment Through Kind Guidance:

Your nurturing heart is a wellspring of wisdom. Instead of providing ready-made solutions, consider guiding others towards their own insights. Pose thoughtful questions that encourage them to find answers within, helping them blossom while sparing yourself from carrying extra weight. Open questions and curiosity is always a win.

The Magick of Compassionate Words:

When faced with the choice to decline taking on others' concerns, wrap your response in a blanket of compassion. Acknowledge their feelings, sharing that you're sailing through your own sea of responsibilities. Your words can create bridges of understanding without raising defensive walls.

Offering a Helping Hand, Intentionally:

The essence of your support doesn't always lie in shouldering their burdens. Sometimes, it's as simple as offering a hand to help them stand on their own. Suggest tiny steps or resources that can light their path, reflecting your care without overwhelming yourself.

Grounding Your Heart's Desires:

Visualize this: roots extending from your heart into the welcoming embrace of the Earth. When the weight of others' emotions feels heavy, lean on these roots to release what isn't yours to carry. Allow Mother Earth to embrace your empathy and replenish your spirit.

Self-Care: Your Heart's Symphony:

Picture your heart as a cherished instrument – a violin, perhaps. Just as a violin requires tuning to play harmonious melodies, your heart flourishes with self-care. Engage in activities that serenade your soul, harmonizing your empathetic nature with your personal needs.

The Gentle Art of Saying No:

In a world that celebrates "yes," remember the magic of "no." When kindly uttered, it's a declaration of self-respect. Thank them for sharing, yet express your commitment to nurturing your own growth. Your "no" is an affirmation of your journey's importance.

Guiding Toward Resources:

Your role as a guide doesn't mean shouldering burdens; it's about illuminating paths. Instead of immersing yourself, signpost them to resources that can empower them. Recommend books, websites, or experts tailored to their needs, paving their way to self-sufficiency.

Reflecting and Releasing - A Tender Farewell:

Just as twilight descends, engage in a ritual of reflection. Imagine each emotion absorbed throughout the day as fireflies. Release them, watching them drift into the night sky. Embrace the stillness that follows, your heart aglow with the beauty of releasing.

As Virgo's tender energies continue to wrap you in their embrace, remember that your empathetic heart deserves nurturing too. Balancing your caring nature with self-preservation is an artistry that blooms with time. By delicately sketching boundaries, speaking with compassion, and savoring your own moments of restoration, you can navigate the realm of others' worries with grace and love. This season, let your empathy be a beacon of warmth, your boundaries be a testament to your growth, and your journey be adorned with the beauty of empathy that dances in harmony with self-care.

Meet the Writer

Lizzie Burgess, a secular divination Bosswitch, runs where you can learn more about divination methods, rituals and resources that help you with your growth spiritually and professionally. Lizzie is currently finishing the upcoming book “An A to Z of Modern Divination”, where they upcycle and modernize ancient divination methods for a more accessible divinatory practice.

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