Full Moon in Cancer: December 26th, 2023

Full Moon in Cancer: December 26th, 2023

As we finish up this year in Capricorn, the last full moon of 2023 deepens our emotional awareness. Rising in the night sky, the illuminating light of the Full Moon in Cancer reveals our current mood and personal needs for connection and belonging, a sense of home and family that is heightened by this holiday season. Within this awareness we have come to a point where to continue our journey of soul growth, our heart needs to release old and limiting fears and open further to life. 


A water sign, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, increasing the sensitivity of this lunar phase where a gamut of emotions from tender love to feeling hurt or offended is possible. With archetypes of the mother and the healer, Cancer’s naturally nurturing energy is easily seen and felt. Along with the Sun in Capricorn this Moon phase brings greater awareness to the importance of balance between our need for home time and self-care with our responsibilities to loved ones, work or community. 


Jupiter in Taurus in harmony with this Full Moon brings a generous dose of optimism that lifts our spirits and steadies the emotional ups and downs of this Moon.  Saturn in Pisces supports this lunar phase with inspiration and a disciplined calling to trust intuition, get out of our own way and commit to compassionate release of old hurts and fears. 


Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius and Mars close by increases enthusiasm and drive to go back over certain aspects of life.  Focus on future growth aligned with personal needs. Explore various ideas, keeping options and conversations open and adaptable until after December 30th for any final decisions. With Mars firing up Mercury, conversations can become heated and expressed with a directness that can be more hurtful than intended. With mindfulness and empathy, boldly hold space and set boundaries to honestly speak from your heart.  


During this Moon our emotional antenna reaches deep within our memory of past relationships and family dynamics helping us to understand more consciously the complex fabric of our subconscious motivations. Reflect upon this past year; your efforts to heal and grow, face challenges, claim opportunities and achieve successes. Recognize you are not the person you were a year ago and during this Moon your awareness can help you take your next step of emotional evolution. 


Especially for the sign of sensitive Cancer, there is wisdom in caution and discernment for living in the world. However, during this Full Moon we realize that to continue to evolve, we need to shed the protective shells that kept us safe and make a leap in our personal growth for greater joy and wellbeing.

Honor your feelings and carefully step more into your desires, vulnerable yet wise, ready to feel the world around you, to love more, hope more and dare to dream. To open your heart and embrace more of the many experiences that life has to offer.

This week's moon magic was written by our contributor, Deborah Sipple, Evolutionary Astrologer
Website: Talking Sky Astrology
Instagram: @talkingskyastrology  

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