Full Moon in Leo: Thursday, January 25th, 2024

Full Moon in Leo: Thursday, January 25th, 2024

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Aquarius season, a time of innovation and freedom, commenced with the convergence of the Sun and Pluto in Aquarius. This highly significant union heralds a time of powerful transformative energies through the cosmic lens of Aquarius, setting a tone that will be felt for many years to come. Adding to this solar phase is the first Full Moon of 2024. With dramatic illumination, lovely Luna in the sign of Leo rises with a radiant glow in the night sky, elevating our emotions with a compelling desire to openly and honestly express the essence of who we are.

Governed by the Sun in Aquarius, this Full Moon in Leo opposition is potent and intense. Leo, symbolized by the majestic lion, is solar fire; charismatic, proud, creative and personally self-expressive. The Sun in Aquarius, symbolized by the Water Bearer, shares spiritual knowledge and absolute truth with all of humanity. In releasing the need for acceptance and willing to become the exile, Aquarius achieves true individuality, the uncompromising expression of self. Ultimately, both signs seek to be authentically real in their own unique ways.

Increasing the power of this Full Moon is Pluto in Aquarius close to the Sun, bringing to the surface a growing need for greater authenticity within ourselves and life. Pluto stirs our shadows, and we are faced with an acute awareness of a compulsive need for attention, resulting in losing touch with who we truly are. We are called to examine our personal truth with radical honesty, and even if we have to push boundaries or stand alone, we should claim our right to live honestly with true purpose and passion.

Jupiter (currently in Taurus) the planet of abundance, expansion and faith in life, seeks serenity and stability through tried and true means that feel safe. This resistance to change and desire for consistency challenges the Moon in Leo’s need to take emotional risks for creative fulfillment and appreciation. Work with this energy as a catalyst for growth by integrating efforts for material prosperity while pursuing individual passions.

Although it sounds dramatic, this potent lunar phase can help set the stage for the next 20 years of our lives if we choose to work with it. During this Full Moon in Leo, release limiting fears and seek what brings joy. Unfortunately, we don’t get to evolve with a built in promise of security. To grow we have to take a leap of faith and go beyond what we’ve done before. It is in genuine personal expression with heartfelt trust, that we will find honest acknowledgement and appreciation.
When you trust yourself to take that leap, not only do you have a sense of your place in the world, but you are part of the revolutionary evolution that helps reshape the collective consciousness. This is the time to claim your power, to be your own hero. You will know when you get it right, because you will feel more in tune with yourself, fully charged and alive!

This week's moon magic was written by our contributor, Deborah Sipple, Evolutionary Astrologer
Website: Talking Sky Astrology
Instagram: @talkingskyastrology

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