Fungi Fairy Hoops

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And I serve the fairy queen, to dew her orbs upon the green…

A Fairy ring is a term for mushrooms that appear in a circular formation, usually in forests or grassy areas. They are believed to be the dwelling place of fairies, elves, witches, and other magical beings.

When a mushroom spore lands in a favorable location, the underground fungus roots grow out evenly in all directions. As the fungus grows and ages, the oldest parts in the center of the mat die, creating a circle. When the fungus produces its mushrooms – the fruiting bodies – they appear aboveground in a ring.

The Fungi Fairy Hoop was inspired by the folklore of the Fairy Rings. Some legends say that fairy rings are, in fact, good luck. They are said to improve fertility and fortune in crops growing nearby. In Germany, fairy rings were called Hexenringe, or “Witches Rings,” and were believed to be places where witches danced to celebrate Walpurgis Night, a festival that welcomes the beginning of spring.

  • hoop measures 1 inch diameter
  • non tarnish 18k gold stainless steel hoop and mushroom pendant
  • made with nickel free hypoallergenic metal for sensitive ears

Each Fungi Fairy Hoop is infused with moonlight from the full moon and cleansed with energy of the divine feminine.