11:11 Portal: Unlocking your potential on this magical day

11:11 Portal: Unlocking your potential on this magical day

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The number 11 isn't just powerful when it pops up on the clock. It also happens to be a magical and lucky date that happens once a year. There are certain annual events when synchronicities and cosmic order collide, and in astrology, they are referred to as portals. November 11th is a time when the day and month of the calendar align in numeric harmony creating the 11/11 portal. This alignment creates a potent energy gateway associated with manifestation, spiritual growth, and transformation. Taking time for your goals on 11/11 is a great way to enhance your manifestation rituals, connect with yourself, and shift your life towards the direction you want.

In numerology, 1111 signifies a life-altering transformation. It represents the beginning of all creation. Certain numbers in the numerological world are believed to be the key to manifestation and number 1 represents divine connection, intuition, and our power to manifest abundance. It is considered a ‘Master Number,’ that promotes personal growth, spiritual enlightenment and abundance. The number 1 in numerology is about achievement, so 11/11, with all of those 1's in succession, shows that the energy of the universe is conspiring to help you achieve, amplifying whatever it is you want to do, giving you a turbocharge to get it done.

Similar to your birthday, what you visualize and channel towards on 11/11 can set the tone of your coming year. This is a good day to think and reflect on the life you want to live, about the person you want to be, and the things that you want to achieve. 

1111 Manifestation Ritual

Find a calm and quiet place you feel comfortable in with no distractions. Sitting in front of a mirror while you perform this is ideal.

Meditation: start with a quick meditation to cleanse your aura and ground yourself.

Set the mood: with incense, candles, and music. 1111Hz Frequency background music or try this Full guided 1111 meditation-YouTube

Journal: writing your manifestations in the present tense- "I am..." or "I have..." to reinforce them into reality. When you believe your desires are already the truth it aligns with your vibrations and triggers them into a reality. This is also a great time to draw out a plan of action for your goals.

Whisper: throughout the day whisper your goals and desires into the world. I love this step because it gives me the feeling of having my own unique and intimate relationship to the universal life force that only I can access.

Optional crystals to work with:

Labradorite: to help tap into your spiritual energy

Angel Aura Quartz: to connect with positive energy and alignment with spirit

This code serves as the conduit for conveying a message, urging you to trust in the vast wisdom and power of the Universe. This message is personalized, directed straight to you, aiming to elevate your consciousness to a higher plane. The numbers 1111 stand united, forming a gateway, a passage to an existence you might not have imagined possible until now.

Wishing you a magical, life-changing 11/11,



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