5 Unique Oracle Decks To Add To Your Collection

5 Unique Oracle Decks To Add To Your Collection

Dive into self-discovery with these 5 unique and culturally diverse oracle decks that will enhance your practice and dive deeper into your oracle/tarot card journey.

Whether you're an experienced tarot reader or simply enjoy pulling a card for guidance on your day, oracle decks can bring anyone inspiration, guidance, and hope. Oracle decks are a sacred tool to use for divination, manifestation and spiritual guidance.

There are so many amazing decks out there right now, and these cards can be a brilliant addition to your spiritual practice. Having a variety of tarot and oracle decks in your collection allows for a deeper dive into your magical practice and can make your readings that much more powerful. Every deck you will ever work with carries its own specific energy. The more you use your decks, the more you'll discover they each have their own personalities. This is helpful to know when choosing a deck to work with. For example, if I were doing shadow work, the Black Moon Lilith Oracle Deck would be a perfect deck to utilize, while the Moonology Messages Deck would be the best choice if I were looking for guidance on setting intentions under a New Moon.

These decks and books make for a perfect holiday gift, add to your own wish list or gift to a fellow magic-maker. In no particular order, lets dive in!

1. The Witch's Familiar Runic Oracle Deck

By Athene Noctua

If you're like me and find runes fascinating but have no idea how to read them, this deck would be a fantastic way to start learning. This beautifully detailed 24-card deck features ancient rune interpretations paired with a symbolic animal companion. Based off the runes of the Elder Futhark (the oldest form of the runic alphabet), these runes bring awareness to what is important to us and provide protection and healing. Use this deck to call in the energy of these majestic animals during rituals and ceremonies.

Some of my favorite things about this deck:

✦ comes with a mini guidebook

✦ it's pocket sized and perfect to travel with (3.75" x 2.75")

✦ the art is absolutely uplifting and detailed

✦ new as of September 2023

The Witch's Familiar Runic Oracle Deck available on Amazon

2. Moonology Messages Oracle Deck

By Yasmin Boland

Many people find their interest in practicing magic, or intentional living by way of the Moon. I know for me, the Moon and her phases were what first sparked my interest in witchcraft and all things magic. To this day, one of my favorite books to reference when working with the Moon is Yasmin's Moonology book that came out in 2016. This new oracle deck and guidebook will help you exercise your intuition as you draw on the Moon for guidance. The cards contain gorgeous imagery, cultural diversity, and vast, emotional art that speaks to the depths of your soul. Incorporate this deck in your full, new, and any phase Moon manifestation rituals, especially when you're feeling extra emotional.

Some of my favorite things about this deck:

✦ comes with a mini guidebook

✦ contains an excerpt on how to clear the deck before using it and how to do a reading for yourself and others

✦ new as of September 2023

Moonology Messages Oracle Deck available on Amazon

3. Black Moon Lilith Cosmic Alchemy Oracle Deck & Black Moon Lilith Rising Book

By Adama Sesay (book and oracle deck sold separately) 

Horoscopes and zodiac signs are kind of a big deal in this day and age, and rightfully so. However, our sun sign barely scratches the surface of an extremely deep cosmic well. Each of us contains an entire solar system that is specifically unique based on when we're born. One extremely underserved placement is the Lilith placement, which isn't a planet, but the furthest point in space from the Moon's orbit. Your Black Lilith Moon sign reveals the deepest, darkest sides of your personality, which you may keep hidden from society, but deserve to be channeled and expressed through healthy means. The Black Moon Lilith Rising book is a comprehensive exploration of the placement of Lilith in astrology, the mythology behind the Lilith archetype, and how it can be incorporated to your spiritual practice. This book will teach you how to explore Black Moon Lilith aspects, how the Lilith placement affects other energies in your birth chart, an in-depth astrological analysis through the 12 zodiac signs, and a guide to shadow work.

 "Soft girl era" is very trendy right now. We mustn't forget that balance of both our light and dark aspects is what allows us to evolve. The Black Moon Lilith Cosmic Alchemy Oracle focuses on the dark feminine and her ancient wisdom. The cards present beautiful representations of Black Moon Lilith astrological placements through the 12 zodiac signs. Use this deck as an opportunity to dive into shadow work and step into the power of your untamed, wild energy.

Some of my favorite things about this deck and book:

oracle deck includes spreads

✦ oracle deck has shadow work prompts for each Lilith zodiac sign

✦ book includes a guide to shadow work with Lilith and a Spiritual Alchemy practice for 13 days

 the book and deck has excellent examples of how Lilith placements in famous women play out in their life stories

 new as of October 2023

Black Moon Lilith Rising: How to Unlock the Power of the Dark Divine Feminine Through Astrology Book available on Amazon

Black Moon Lilith Cosmic Alchemy Oracle available on Amazon

4. African Goddess Rising Pocket Oracle Deck

By Abiola Abrams

Many of us have been forced to forget where we come from. Humans first evolved in Africa, and much of human evolution occurred on that continent. It is the true Motherland. The African Goddesss Rising Oracle showcases the magic and wisdom of African culture that will bring you wisdom, healing, self-empowerment, and growth. This deck includes depictions of Goddesses, spirits, supernatural creatures, and ancestral figures based on traditional African spirituality. The cards are divided into nine suits, adding more depth to their messages. Use this deck to connect back with the ancient mother. Pick it up when you're in need of motherly guidance and encouragement.

Some of my favorite things about this deck:

✦ vibrant, detailed, and colorful art that gives a Lisa Frank vibe but on a much deeper level

✦ includes a way to bless your deck

✦ pocket sized (3" x 3.75")

✦ comes with a guidebook

African Goddess Rising Pocket Oracle available on Amazon

5. Cozy Witch Tarot Deck

By Amanda Lovelace

This deck feels like getting much needed advice and a warm hug from your older witchy sister. Technically, it's a tarot deck but I'm including it in this list anyway because I believe you could use it like an oracle deck. Each card portrays a scene that is cozy, warm, and inclusive to all types of humans. I feel like all the people on the cards are my friends that I get to hang out with when I pull them. You will find a little message on each card that offers guidance and inspiration when you need it most. This is especially helpful if you don't have the energy to interpret an entire spread. Incorporate this deck in your morning routine by pulling a card for your day, to offer personal and uplifting guidance.

Some of my favorite things about this deck:

each card has a short, insightful message that corresponds to its meaning

beautiful, detailed, and inclusive illustrations

comes with a guidebook

✦ beginner friendly for learning tarot

✦ new as of October 2023

Cozy Witch Tarot Deck available on Amazon

I also want to put another book on your radar: Radical Tarot: Queer the Cards, Liberate Your Practice, and Create the Future by Charlie Claire Burgess

This book unveils a more modern way to look at the tarot and how one's personal interpretation of each card, regardless of its textbook meaning, holds a greater power than any when working with the cards. This world is full of humans of all different backgrounds that find meaning in different ways. Whether you identify as queer or not, this book will deepen your connection to the tarot and overall make you a better reader. Queering anything = reclaiming it, making it your own.

Radical Tarot: Queer the Cards, Liberate Your Practice, and Create the Future available on Amazon


What decks and tarot books are you loving right now? Let me know in the comments.

Sending you love & insight,


This blog post is not sponsored, however the amazon links are affiliate to my amazon storefront. This helps support creators like me to continue sharing tools, insight, and my experiences in blog posts like these. All decks and books were gifted to me but these are my honest thoughts and opinions. Thank you for reading and supporting the creators of these decks and books.

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