January 01, 2019

2019: A New Years Love Note From Me To You ✨💜

2019: A New Years Love Note From Me To You ✨💜


New Years Blessings, Goddess!

I’m so excited to welcome in the new year with you and start sharing Luna’s goals for 2019. Along with a whole new line of designs, supporting and helping the woman collective is at the top of our to-do list for 2019. We will be donating even more of our energy, time, and sales to women-focused charities and organizations. I want to share more stories of women who have encountered adversity and how they have risen above it. When we share our stories it gives hope to others. It sends the message we are not alone.

When I set goals for the new year I like to think of a word or a phase that stands as the theme for the intentions I’m putting out. This way I don’t feel overwhelmed. And it's my little reminder to take things one day at a time. This year, my phrase is “knowing when to stop and enjoy the moment.” For me, it has a whole deeper meaning than face value. Our goals come to life in the small actions we take every day. One day that may be something as simple as not criticizing yourself for missing a day at the gym. Other days, it could be accomplishing a five mile run.

I wish you all the prosperity and abundance in 2019. I hope you love yourself as much as you love your friends, families, and partners. Because to truly give your most genuine love and support it needs to stem from within you first. Allow yourself to cry happy tears. Over poems, books, thoughts, movie scenes, people, and places. Act like the person you see when you envision your best and highest self. Imagine that you’re already there. This world is full of surprises that you hold all the keys to. Fill it with people worth sharing it with. Get into the habit of asking yourself, “does this support the life I’m trying to create?” No more waiting for permission or questioning your worth. Seek pleasure, not approval. Everything comes in waves, so brace yourself and ride it out. Everything is happening for you, not to you. And when it feels like there’s no one that understands, or when the pain becomes unbearable, just remember I’m here rooting for you. I am so so proud of you. You are a bad ass, unstoppable Goddess who can do anything. Like they say, if your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough. The world is yours. Surprise people. And most importantly, don’t forget to surprise yourself.



what is a piece you will manifest for 2019 that will bring abundance into your life?


Tips For Bringing Your 2019 Intentions To Life:


  • give gratitude for things your want before you have them


  • avoid statements like "I want" or "I need" and instead use "I have" "I attract" "I am" as if you've already accomplished them


  • create a positive perception playlist with music that gives you energy, and sounds magical to you. and listen to it only when your manifesting your goals.


  • write down the aspects of your life that you would like to change and replace. then as a ritual, burn the old limiting beliefs. watch them crackle and burn in the fire as you THANK them for what they taught you.


  • create a dream board. use this as a tool and cover it with anything and everything that you are wishing to attract to yourself this year. 



And one last note....

When a new year begins it's like a shift in energy. As if we shed a layer of skin and are evolving into a new form. That "form" is not predisposed. You create this new layer of yourself, it is a blank slate. Let go of societal norms and grab hold of what you think is right. Unfollow the girls on Instagram that make you want something more and better than your own body. Trust the intentions you get from other people. As your third eye opens, you're able to see others' true intentions. If someone has ill-intentions it's important not to judge because these are reflections of your old self which you are releasing--be grateful you're able to see it this way. Wanna vibrate higher? Feed your mind with stimuli that helps you better understand who you are and what you believe in. Turn off the reality shows and turn on the documentaries of interests that spark up your soul. Start trusting in the universe with what it brings to you. Go do that thing, go travel to that place, go talk to her/him, focus on that energy that will take you higher. 

Go make 2019 yours, and be unapologetic in your endeavors when you do. You deserve it. I believe in you. 

all my love,