The Magic of Self Love 💝✨

The Magic of Self Love 💝✨

People say "LoVe YoUrSeLf" as if it's that easy. The reality is, it can be a challenge. And it only gets better with practice and time. The voices in your head are the hardest to silence. It starts with acknowledging the fact that you are special, lovable, and worthy. The rest is an everyday practice of thinking and acting like the wondrous being that you are. You fall in love with the people who make you love the person you are when you're around them. And above all, I hope you start with yourself. 

Poem by Bianca Sparacino


I use to think Valentine's Day was such a sham. I got a rise from being anti Valentine's Day. But as I get older I've come to appreciate this time as a way to honor the divine feminine within me. I see this day as a time to unapologetically honor who I am becoming, and appreciate all I've lived through and accomplished. Use this day as an excuse to be extra selfish, but with the purpose of celebrating your relationship with yourself. 



The beauty of self-love lies in the ritual. What better time of the year to discover a new self-love act than Valentine's Day? Here are some V-Day rituals that will get you in the mood to honor your divine spark.

1. Be your own love scribe.

Grab a diary, journal, notepad, or even postcard and pen, and allow yourself to write about what love means to you, letting your heart do the talking. By channeling your heart's desires, you can release old wounds, let go of what no longer serves you, outline what you wish to bring into your life, and even send out well wishes for others. When you are writing about something negative or love that you want to release, use a black pen. If you are writing positive things that you wish to manifest, use a red pen. Burn anything you write in black so it can be banished. Bury anything you write in red so that it can grow and be nourished.

2. Steep a love infused tea.

Combine herbs that sing to your heart and senses. Try thyme, which is associated with affection and devotion, calming lavender, or joy-inducing oregano. (This can also make a beautiful gift for someone you know who needs a pinch of extra love in their day.) Don't just go through the motions of it; be mindful throughout the whole process of making your tea. Use it as an opportunity to think about what you adore about yourself and others in your life. As you sip your brew, imagine that you're physically drinking love.

3. Create your own spa space

Either in your bathtub or in your bedroom. Some of us may not have a bath. Draw a bucket full of hot water with some aromatherapy soaps or Epsom salts. While you pour whatever ingredients into your bucket do it with intention. Imagine your sprinkling all the energies you wish to cultivate into the bucket (i.e. compassion, empathy, self love). Grab a face mask, turn on relaxing music, get comfortable and soak your feet in it.

4. Rediscover your passion

What is it that makes you feel most alive? Break out the hobby you’ve been neglecting, complete that Pinterest project, start the book you’ve been meaning to get to, or try something completely new. Re-evaluate your goals and break them down into bite-sized pieces so you know what you need to do each day to move forward.

5.  Incorporate a self-love ring or necklace into your outfits

Buy yourself a piece of self-love jewelry to remind yourself to have loving thoughts toward yourself. If you catch yourself having negative thoughts about yourself, move the piece of jewelry to your other finger. After awhile you will catch yourself immediately when you start to have those defeating thoughts. When you catch yourself, follow up with a positive affirmation about yourself such as, “I deserve all that is good. I am worthy”

Oh, and we got you covered on the jewelry....



Wishing you a magical, love-filled Valentine's Day






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