Herbal Magic: 4 Powerful Herbs And How To Use Them

Herbal Magic: 4 Powerful Herbs And How To Use Them

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Written By Ebony Kingma


Have you ever thought about turning to herbal remedies and concoctions to better your health and wellbeing? We will explore everything from certain herbs that are beneficial to one’s lifestyle, easy D.I.Y projects at home using these particular herbs and all the other information regarding herbal goodness and the magic behind them. Please, enjoy the read, boil a cup of tea (chamomile highly recommended), sit back and relax. 

Each of these herbs have been put on this Earth for a reason. Each and every little thing serves a purpose, and here we will discuss the magical properties of certain plants and their ability to change one’s lifestyle, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Below are four important herbs to have among your already existing or soon to begin – herbal collection. Each will mention a little about the herb itself, the meanings behind it and their healing/spiritual properties. By the end of this, you will all be herbalists in the making. Also, stay tuned for some handy tips and recipes below.

Common Sage

Scientific Name: Salvia Officinalis

One word – cleanse! The Common Sage plant offers not only cleansing, but prosperity and good luck. If you are after something natural to rid of negative energies amongst you, someone you know, or within your household, then read on. Sage’s velvet leaves and stems make for the perfect ‘smudge stick’. For those of you who do not know what a smudge stick is, let me talk you through it. Basically, it is a dried-out bunch of Sage that is burned to create a clearer, positive environment. In Roman Times, this ritual was used on a daily basis and many believed it to change the way a person or place felt afterwards. Used medicinally for centuries, there is no wonder it has its magical healing properties about it.

D.I.Y Sage Smudge Stick


  • Desired amount of Sage sprigs (Dried-out)
  • String
  • Scissors



  • Flower/herb of your choice (Dried-out)
  • Crystal for base



  • Gather a decent amount of dried-out Sage, along with any other add-ons you require, and neatly bunch them together to create a wand-like shape.
  • Clear any excess leaves/petals from the bottom of you smudge stick, ensuring a neat handling space. (Again, you can add a crystal here too).
  • Tightly intertwine the string around the smudge stick until firm and neatly tie a knot at the end.

    Smudging Process:

    Carefully, light your smudge stick and blow out so that only smoke departs from the top. Once you have done so, in clock-wise motions, wave the smoke around into each corner of your house or if you are smudging yourself or another, wave it onto the person. Repeat either of these short prayers during smudging:

    • “Bad energies be gone.”
    • “Cleanse this house and make it clear—only good may enter here!”
    • “By the power of the Divine, this home is blessed – Blessed be!”

    And remember, you can smudge as much as you wish, though once a day is most common.


    So, there you have it. Cleansing in the sense of protection and prosperity. It is amazing to see how our Earth provides us with such magnificent tools.

    Now, let’s talk Lavender, a favourite of mine!


    Source: Unknown


    Scientific Name: Lavandula

    Oh, how the strong sweet scent of Lavender relaxes the soul. Not only to mention, how cute its little purple flowers are – the bees seem to love it! Remember to save the bees! Now, if you struggle with falling to sleep, then Lavender is the next best thing for you. Its volatile oils make for the perfect relaxant and it has been proven by many scientists and herbalists that the scent aids in those troubled with sleeping and stress related issues. Also, there are many magical properties about this herb apart from assisting with a good night’s rest. Did you know that Lavender acts as a welcoming barrier to enabling passed loved ones to visit your home? To do, simply gather fresh bunches of Lavender and place them around your house, it’s that simple!


    Below I have formed together a little Lavender Room/Pillow spray recipe that will help your sleep cycle and ease stress.


    D.I.Y Lavender Room/Pillow Spray


    *You can choose to make this naturally using the plant itself or with essential oils. In this case, we will use the natural recipe.*



    • Small spray bottle with lid
    • Desired amount of Lavender sprigs
    •  ½ cup of water
    • 2 tablespoons of witch hazel

     And mix together! Just like that, you have created the perfect remedy to cure your sleeping struggles.


    Are you feeling witchy yet, creating all of these amazing natural recipes to benefit you or someone in your life? Have you ever thought about creating your own little herb garden? Just like crystals and their individual benefits, plants interact with humans in many ways. There are uses for almost every herb that either benefits us both physically, mentally and spiritually. So why not grow them and have endless free supply. Not only that, you will be helping the environment too!

    Art By: Asia Jensen


    Scientific Name: Rosmarinus Officinalis

    More commonly found in a spice rack, but a very magical herb to grow in your garden. This easy to grow plant thrives all year round. Spiritually speaking, Rosemary is said to promote purification and peace of mind. Similar to Lavender, it too can be used as a relaxant. Apart from this herb being edible, burning it in the form of an incense or amongst your smudging sticks can further enhance the clearing of one’s self or a surrounding environment. Think of it as a double effect. Sleeping with a few sprigs underneath your pillow at night is said to help with bad dreams. Also, did you know that Rosemary is associated with the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite? Be a herbalist in your own world and explore the realm of herbal goodness. See how your body interacts with certain elements and use them to your advantage.


    Source: Unknown


    Scientific Name: Matricaria Chamomilla

    Again, similar to Lavender, Chamomile is perfect for those wanting to relax and take time to be present. It’s small white and yellow centred flowers give off a pungent apple-like scent and makes for the perfect bed time tea. This herb is referred to as a ‘solar herb’, meaning it needs plenty of light, signifying energy. In Ancient Egypt, many used Chamomile as a cure for the disease, Malaria, and it was dedicated to their sun god, Ra.

    Just before bed, have one cup of Chamomile tea and you’re set to have a smooth, calming sleep. Chamomile is also very beneficial towards troubled skin. Complications such as acne, scarring or dark spots, supposedly work well with the natural effects of chamomile.


    D.I.Y Chamomile Sugar Scrub


    • Chamomile tea sachet contents
    • ½ cup raw sugar
    • ¼ coconut oil


    • Dried out Chamomile flower petals
    • ½ cup white sugar

    And tadaaaah… you have just created your own sugar body scrub using all-natural products.

    Hopefully this guide has/will inspire you to create a little garden of your own, and introduce herbs into your daily lifestyle. Not all herbs have to be consumed as food. Make a smudge stick, spray or scrub and notice the difference in how you use them with your body. In most circumstances, natural works better with the human body and herbs allow us to reconnect with mother earth and what she has to offer. Listen to what plants/herbs you are drawn too and look into their magical capabilities. Just as you do with crystals, let them come to you.  

    Comment below if or how certain herbs/plants work for you as I would love to know! Also, don’t forget to try out the D.I.Y’s included in this post, they seriously work wonders.


    Meet The Writer: Ebony Kingma

    Hey everyone, my name is Ebony Kingma and I am currently a journalist in the making. Studying full time at University, I absolutely love writing and exploring the outdoors. I hope you all enjoyed the read.





    Amazing and talented writer. Such a good read, I feel really relaxed now! ✨💛

    Amazing and talented writer. Such a good read, I feel really relaxed now! ✨💛



    Absolutely loved this blog! Makes me want to run through a field of beautiful scented lavender and drink chamomile tea until my heart is content! 🌿✨😍

    Absolutely loved this blog! Makes me want to run through a field of beautiful scented lavender and drink chamomile tea until my heart is content! 🌿✨😍

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