Leo Season, Duality, and Glamour Magick

Leo Season, Duality, and Glamour Magick

Written By Shawn Engel

Leo season is upon us! And while we aren’t fully out of the retrograde mishaps (Mercury retrograde ends July 31st) we are starting to feel clearer and more empowered after the heavy Cancer/ Eclipse season. 

The vibe going forward is incredibly fun, charismatic and energetic. As a fire sign, we expect a magnanimous energy from Leo that lights up an entire room. Ruled by the Sun, we associate Leo with the ego; the light and the outward focus of our psyche. Because of these blazing properties, we can expect to feel empowered as leaders in our own right, and entertainers as we see fit.

Leo rules the 5th house, which governs pleasure, love, and performance. Leo’s are very sensual fire signs, and make excellent artists and musicians. The fifth house in astrology is the shining star, much like the Sun in our solar system. There is no doubt that Leo is destined for greatness.

Landing in the middle of summer, Leo’s have a fixed quality in astrology. This denotes a sense of stability in between the rise and fall of the seasons, which is an appropriate time to shine. Rather than beginning the season and starting fresh, or ending the season and shedding old beliefs and habits, fixed signs tow the middle, where they collect evidence of what is working and what isn’t. While they aren’t the most flexible of qualities, they are the most observant.

Because of the eye catching quality, Leo season always inspires me to work with glamour magick.

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What is glamour magick?

Glamouring is a form of magick that projects into reality a different vision than whatever the root object really is. Instagram is a form of glamouring. Makeup is a form of glamouring. And the shine of jewelry on your skin is a form of glamouring. It’s the enhancement and prominence of that which you wish to portray to the world!

Historically, it has been practiced in many cultures. To the Greeks, the study and scholarship of the occult was a form of glamour because of the difference in projecting energy. In Norse traditions, it was the practice of illusion. In Ancient Egypt, which is the closest to the kind of modern glamour we see, they used makeup.

Ancient Egyptians used to crush Malachite, a green mineral and crystal as we see today, to make vibrant green eye shadow. They also used kohl to make thick eyeliner. Both were used for practical protection from the sun, but also magickal protection as a type of war paint.

This is incredibly similar to the ritual below. Enchanting your makeup is a great way to not only project an illusion, but to also empower your energy from the inside. Using a mixture of color magick and glamour magick, you can raise your energetic vibration anywhere you go!

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What is color magick?

Color magick is simply the use of the energetic vibrations of each hue. Every color has a different energetic property, and the mixture of colors can combine said energies. For example, browns are very grounding, while reds are very passionate, so we can surmise that a maroon would be a grounded and directed passion.

Using this principle in glamour magick adds an extra oomph. Just as the Ancient Egyptians, who used a rich emerald on their eyelids to denote royalty and abundance, we can do the same with shades of lipstick, clothing, or anything we wish to inject some magick into!

However, when using such a feminine practice during Leo season, I like to bring some duality in the form of a masculine Sun God.

Who is Apollo and why does he matter?

Apollo is the Greek Sun God and the entertainer of all of Mount Olympus. He had incredible healing properties with the gift of vitality, and was known to help mortals to not make the same mistakes over and over again.

The latter gift is a very balanced approach to the ego that represents Leo season. While we are told that ego is “bad,” it isn’t. It is merely the surface, the outward illusion that you portray to the world while your conscious and subconscious lie beneath the surface. 

Because of this understanding of the ego, and the gift of being able to enlighten mortals of their mistakes, we see that Apollo had an evolved approach as a God. He celebrated his star qualities with performance, but could see subconscious tendencies in others that restricted their growth. He shone the light of the Sun on their shadow parts, and it’s important to see the strength in that ability.

While glamour magick is considered to be womanly, I prefer to not gender energies. When we describe feminine, we merely mean naturally receptive, versus masculine, which is naturally giving out of something. We see this in sex, nature, and the lore of Gods and Goddesses. It is merely a metaphor for how we see the cycle of energy, and not excluded to “man” or “woman.”


art: Tati Moons

A Glamour Spell for Leo Season and Apollo

Projecting out confidence and invoking in perception is an exceptional practice for Leo season. Using color, makeup, and spirits, we can accomplish just that.

What you’ll need:

  • Sage, Palo Santo, or any other smoke clearing herb
  • Orange lipstick (any shade) OR
  • Orange eye shadow (any shade)

How to perform:

  1. First, clear the area in which you’re performing your ritual with smoke. This will help give you balanced energy in which to work.
  2. Next, take your orange piece of makeup in your hands. Orange is associated with Leo, the Sun, and creativity and passion. This will help connect you with the energy of the Astro.
  3. As you are holding you piece of makeup, call in Apollo by thinking of his energy as a seer. Ask for a balance of light to expose your shadow, either in your head or aloud. Call in for his guidance, so you may be enlightened and able to carry out the best version of your ego.
  4. When you feel filled with energy, apply your makeup while envisioning true confidence. Not conceit, not cockiness, but rooted confidence and leadership.
  5. After your application, stare into your eyes in the mirror, and say “It is so.”
  6. Wear your makeup all day and notice the changes in your energy, and how you receive attention from others.

This ritual will help amplify you in a way that is grounded and authentic. You will not  be projecting ego as we believe it to be, but rather shining a light outward to help others see the way. Enjoy this ritual anytime you need a boost.

Happy Leo Season!

Meet The Writer
Shawn Engel, owner of WitchyWisdoms, is a spiritual mentor, brand strategist, entrepreneur, and Tarot reader. It is her life’s purpose to help others with the strength of her intuition and ability to attract open doors. Primarily she works with entrepreneurs to help them solidify their brand and land features for exposure, but she continues to work as an abundance coach, helping women find their spirituality and build a firm foundation of gratitude on which to manifest from. She has worked with thousands of women by performing Tarot readings, leading spell work and rituals, teaching manifestation lessons, and providing business strategies and mindset work. She has been featured in multiple publications including Cosmopolitan, Bust, and Sabat magazine, and is the author of Cosmo’s upcoming book on Love Spells.

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