July 16, 2020

How Sacred Numerology Can Raise Your Vibration

How Sacred Numerology Can Raise Your Vibration
Written By: Esoteric Esa

Today, July 16, 2020 is a special numerology portal waiting to be activated. This is the second 7/11 portal of July. How so?


In numerology we add digits until we are able to further reduce their sum to a single digit between 1 – 9. Those are the laws of numerology. July is naturally a month of the 7 vibration, which makes it a massive month filled with the energy of 7’s intuition and spirituality.


However, today, we have both the 7 and the 11 vibrations activated. If you add 16 plus 2020 that reduces to an 11. Therefore, making today a 7/11 numerology portal.


What is Numerology? Numerology isn’t about completing math formulas. Numerology is the language of the Universe.


Numerology is an incredibly powerful form of manifestation. If you’re looking to activate your intuition or receive spiritual guidance from your guides, today is a potent day to do just that. With this portal open, you’ll want to focus on activating the energies that create 7’s potent vibration. Do ritual work that focuses on taping into your curiosity, allows you to use your analytical mind to think from a higher perspective, and activate any spiritual initiatives. Meditation will be powerful on this day.


Eleven is a Master Number in numerology. Master Numbers are labeled as such because we don’t further reduce them (e.g. 11, 22, and 33). Masters hold double magnitude with their resonance. Eleven is the spiritual awakening in numerology. Meaning, this is a day that will vibrate higher than normal. You might find yourself more sensitive emotionally and physically with this portal. Those of you who are empaths will be in tune with your immediate surroundings allowing you to read energy easily and help others.


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Here’s how you can align yourself with the energy of today

  1. Set aside some time to do some reflection work through journaling or meditation. The veil will be thin at this time and you will be able to access ancestors, ascended masters, cosmic beings and spirit guides. 
  2. Incorporate some crystals to assist you with tapping into this high vibrational energy. Crystal stones are conscious beings. Crystals such as amethyst, angel aura quartz, blue lace agate or crystal quartz. Of course, you can use any crystal you feel guided to work with. Use your chosen crystal in your guided meditation or allow it to sit beside you as your do your reflection work. Crystals can help be conduits of receiving higher transmissions of energy. 
  3. Build a sigil or use sacred geometry and use the numbers 7 and 11 at each point. You can create a sigil or use sacred geometry with these sacred spiritual numbers of 7 and 11 to assist you with spiritual protection. If you’re looking to cleanse your aura or amplify strengthening your aura this is a great ritual to incorporate.
  4. In tarot, The Chariot card is associated with the number 7. The Justice card is associated with the number 11. If you’re a tarot enthusiast, you can activate these cards on your altar and ask their energies to bring in justice to the collective of humanity and the energy of the chariot to guide us into a higher vibrational frequency of love. You can also incorporate them in meditate or sleep with them tonight to see what dream messages you receive from their essence.

Working with this portal will assist us with being at one with the universe. This is a wonderful portal for those dealing with anxiety. The numbers 7 and 11 can help us with transmuting anxious energy and creating tranquility. If you wish to ease any anxiety with this portal, set the intention to do so.


Allow yourself to be open to the divine and ask for signs and synchronicities today on whatever you need guidance for. The spirit realm is open and ready. This portal is meant to assist the collective with achieving spiritual guidance. Take a walk out in nature and connect with animals. The messages are waiting and ready. You simply have to slow down like the Master 11 and sit in your stillness. This is a wonderful day to practice gratitude.


Thank you for being here. Thank you for raising your vibration. Thank you for spreading love to yourself and others. 

May you manifest wisely.

Esoteric Esa is an intuitive mystic, conscious content creator, podcast host, YouTuber and spiritual healer. She's contributed astrology and metaphysical pieces for BeLatina and HipLatina’s bruja content columns. Her past collaborations feature projects with MiTu and We All Grow Latina. She curates an award-winning weekly podcast for manifestors titled, Better Work Bitch!, which is now on its fifth season, and dedicates her time towards empowering others through the knowledge of crystals, lunar cycles, numerology and more.