Virgo Season

Virgo Season

Happy Birthday Virgo Queens!

Gemstone: Sapphire, Sardonyx
Element: Earth
Polarity: Negative, Female
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Tarot Card: The Hermit
Goddesses: Melissa McCarthy (Aug 26), Mother Theresa (Aug 26), Zendaya (Sept 1), Beyonce (Sep 4),  Taraji P. Henson (Sep 11), Amy Winehouse (Sep 14), Amy Poehler (Sep 16)
Fun fact: Luna Lifted is also a Virgo!

August 22nd - September 22nd the Sun enters the sign of Virgo!
Virgo, a mutable earth sign, sets transformation into motion. With summer quickly coming to an end, and daylight waning, Virgo season asks you to get organized. Purify yourself for the seasonal transition ahead. With work coming into stronger focus, sleep also becomes more relevant. Getting adequate rest helps you access a peak-performance state so you can meet your goals.

How to harness success during Virgo Season:
Get up an hour earlier each day to work on the 20-20-20 formula Robin Sharma coined as the recipe for superhuman productivity and a fulfilling life.
1. Start with 20 minutes of activity (i.e. running, walking, working out, yoga)
2. 20 minutes of self reflection. Clarity precedes mastery and this practice will deepen your focus through the day (i.e. meditation, journaling, gratitude lists)
3. Invest the final 20 minutes of this morning routine on learning (i.e. read a non-fiction book, start learning a language, listen to an informative podcast or youtube video).

Stay mindful about what you say yes to, so you can create space on your calendar and in your life for you! After the abundance of social activity that summer provides, Virgo season brings a winding-down phase that commands more introspection and alone time.

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Virgo Qualities

The qualities of Virgo, ruled by the element of earth, are tranquility, discrimination, efficiency, grace and intelligence. Self-control and self-discipline add to the equation, along with diligence and tidiness. Virgo is a spiritual sign, and this has been shown by depicting her with the wings that signify ascension of the soul. Appearing during the time of the harvest, Virgo is maternal, fertile, nurturing and prepared for whatever might come her way. Those born under the sign of Virgo possess characteristics and personality traits often described as: orderly, modest, diligent, analytical, self-sufficient, critical, perfectionist.


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Virgo Mythology & Symbols

Over the course of millennia since the signs of the Zodiac were first defined, one of the symbols of Virgo is a virgin, temptress, and all other aspects of the feminine in between these two examples. She has been identified as many different Goddesses. For the Romans she was Ceres, holding a sheaf of corn, a symbol of fertility and the harvest (which makes sense considering Virgo season is when the first harvest takes place). Egyptians link her with Isis and with Maat, the Goddess of Truth.

The Greeks link Virgo to Astraea, the Goddess of Truth and Virtue. Astraea lived with the other immortals among human beings on earth. However, when Pandora opened the box and released all sorts of evils into the world, the Earth became unbearable. Astraea stayed for as long as she could bear it, although she eventually left the Earth, being one of the last of the deities to do so. It is said Astraea will return to Earth when humankind is ready for her.


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