Pisces Season: Unlocking The Mystic Depths Of Your Soul

Pisces Season: Unlocking The Mystic Depths Of Your Soul

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Pisces, an angelic indigo being who rules infinite love and infinite dreams. The sun enters the dreamy sign of Pisces from February 18th to March 20th. The last season of the astrological year, Pisces calls us to look deep within, explore our emotions and trust our intuition.

During this time we are all influenced by this sign's energy no matter what our chart looks like, bringing a burst of creativity, artistry, healing, romance, and dreaming to the surface. When we move into the Pisces cycle, there is a pressure to get back to what we enjoy. Consider this a new beginning where grace flows, increasing your connection to the world within you and the world around you.

Compassionate, creative, romantic and extrasensory, Pisces innate connection to the spiritual and physical realms is symbolized by two fish connected while swimming in opposite directions. This mystical sign that naturally seeks higher consciousness, benefits from intentional spiritual practice to provide personal grounding and successfully navigate the day to day practical world. It's a time for rest, patience, and focus on our inner being. Use this time of introspection to connect with your soul.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the celestial body that governs creativity and dreams, and these ethereal fish adore exploring their boundless imaginations. A mutable sign, Pisces effortlessly adapts to their surroundings. Your higher, intuitive self always know what is best for you. Pisces energy, influenced by the third eye chakra, embodies imaginative creativity. The Third Eye is often called the gateway to your intuition or sixth sense. Sparking this can help to clarify your purpose and enhance your creativity. 

While Pisces Season is a time of endings, there is also strong energy that supports our spiritual growth and development. The only way out is through. Tap into the collective unconscious that Pisces have unparalleled access to and rise into higher planes.

Remember to stay grounded this season as Pisces energy brings immense sensitivity and can get you easily wrapped up by your emotions. Drink plenty of water, let yourself romanticize, and look beyond the surface! This is a time to listen to the song of your soul, sweet siren, and let yourself be led by its melody.

Wishing you a transformative and dreamy Pisces season 💜🧜‍♀️♓



Rituals to harness Pisces energy this season:

Keep a Dream Journal 💭

Pisces season can enrich our sleep and deliver divinely inspired messages through our dreams. Keep a notebook by your bed and right when you wake up start writing down everything you remember about your dreams. Then after, sit in stillness, close your eyes, and let whatever comes to mind stream through your consciousness onto the paper. This will help bring insight to what messages and meanings they bring.

Open Your Third Eye Chakra 👁

Located at the forehead between the eyebrows is the third eye or Anja Chakra. This chakra is the gateway to your intuition or sixth sense. Sparking this can help clarify your purpose and enhance your creativity. There’s always a chance some of your energy centers could be blocked. To open your third eye, work with an energy healer, through your own meditation practice, or yoga poses that are linked to this chakra.

Set up a Creativity Altar/Space 🎨

Keep all of your creative supplies out in the open and ready to access at a moment’s notice - as you never know when inspiration will strike. *Goddess tip: use this space to meditate on new ideas. Put on your favorite inspiring music, close your eyes, open your third eye, and allow new ideas to flow through you.



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