May 14, 2020

Protecting Your Energy for Empaths and Intuitives

Protecting Your Energy for Empaths and Intuitives

Written By By Esoteric Esa

cover art by Danielle Noel Art

It goes without saying that the energy in today’s global climate is dense, and for good reason. You reading this, are a highly sensitive person, or so you identify with such. Whether you resonate with the term empath or intuitive, one thing is clear, you have a close connection with energy. Whether it’s projecting energy or receiving energy, you’re doing this on a daily basis ranging from your interactions online to in-person communication. You’re constantly internalizing and perceiving energy.

In times of crisis, and especially for those moments when we find ourselves in fight or flight, we can strain our energetic body by depleting it or consuming energy as we pick it up through our empathetic abilities and perceive its consciousness.  If you have been finding yourself feeling tired regularly, lethargic, emotionally unstable, depressed, anxious and can’t seem to find a medical reason to justify it, you might want to consider protecting your energy during this time of global crisis. 

We’re always presented with two vibrations of existing in. We can be in a state of love or state of fear. With the current state of events, we find ourselves toggling back and forth between the two timelines and sometimes picking up on the collective energy. This can be heavy on our energetic body. You might want to consider creating a personal practice to protect your energy – your aura.


Here are some simple methods you can test to see what works best for you when it comes to protecting your energy as an empath or intuitive. 

  1. Limit your consumption of negative content/messaging/media. 
  2. Practice daily gratitude. 
  3. Connect with white light and perform daily or weekly white light showers over your auric body. 
  4. Keep yourself grounded thru root chakra work or daily walks. 
  5. Set an energetic field around you that acts as a first line of defense from low vibrational energy interfering with your personal energy. 
  6. Cut chords with anyone or experiences that are weighing you down. You can watch how to do so here: 
  7. Work with protective crystals such as black tourmaline, obsidian or tiger’s eye. 

Taking time to decompress and practice self-care is likely an intuitive download you’ve been receiving at this moment. Honor the moments of slowing down and sit in your Hermit energy of the Tarot to go within. Connecting with an energy healer such as a pranic or reiki practitioner could also assist you with feeling realigned with your true self. Be easy on yourself and take time to do nothing, if that’s what makes you feel most at ease. 

May you manifest wisely.



Esoteric Esa is an intuitive mystic, conscious content creator, podcast host, YouTuber and spiritual healer. She's contributed astrology and metaphysical pieces for BeLatina and HipLatina’s bruja content columns. Her past collaborations feature projects with MiTu and We All Grow Latina. She curates an award-winning weekly podcast for manifestors titled, Better Work Bitch!, which is now on its fifth season, and dedicates her time towards empowering others through the knowledge of crystals, lunar cycles, numerology and more. Connect with her via Instagram @esoteric_esa.