The Magic of Snow: How To Use Snow In Rituals

The Magic of Snow: How To Use Snow In Rituals

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As February comes to a close, we anticipate the new beginnings of Spring. Although, for some of us, Winter can't help but remind us that we're still in her clutches. Here in Minnesota we just got 17 inches of snow. Hopefully, it's the last seasonal reminder to hibernate, slow down, and look inward. So, what better way to utilize this glittering gift from mother nature than to do some snow magic.

A fresh snowfall brings the beauty of a million tiny crystals shimmering and glistening like the Goddess herself. It also brings the feminine energy that associates with the element of water, connecting us to our emotions and intuitive nature. Like water, we can use snow to assist in spell workings and rituals.

Using fresh fallen snow in rituals or meditations during the winter creates a deep connection to death and transition. Winter is a time where the veil is thin between the living and deceased. Snow water enhances the removal of that veil, since it provides nourishment to the dead parts of nature and represents purity within its color. Water is used for healing, cleansing, and purification, it provides powerful energy that creates a different outcome in terms of intention.


Different Intentions for Different Snowfalls

When you collect your snow will also change the energy for how you should use it. When collecting fresh snow that has just laid and the land is still and silent it can be used in spell work for calming tempers or soothing situations. If you collect snow during a raging blizzard, then it will pack a huge powerful punch of energy. Energy that can be used to bring in manifestations and intentions.

Extra tip: the first snowfall of the season = especially charged. Collecting snow during a Full Moon can yield supercharges results as well.

How to use Snow in your Rituals

1. Cleansing & Purification

  • Add snow to a bowl/vessel and allow it to melt on your alter. This will bring the energy of purification, balance, and transformation to your spiritual space. You can also add a small amount of sea salt to the snow and once it's melted use the water for purification rituals or transformation magic.
  • Add a cup of snow into a ritual bath to wash away any energies that may have attached themselves to you. Not only will the snow purify your aura, but it will add an extra blanket of protection, like a bright sparkly layer circling all around you, leaving you feeling renewed and energized.
  • Use melted snow water to cleanse your crystals and other divination tools (not all crystals should make contact with water so make sure to do this accordingly).

Both ice and snow will eventually melt and in doing so they can take negative energy with them as they do so, cleansing and purifying as they go.

2. Freezing a Behavior

  • Got a bad habit you need to get rid of? Form that bad habit into snowballs, and throw them as far away from you as you can.
  • Take a piece of paper with the action, behavior, or person’s name/picture into a container with your snow/snow water and place it in the freezer. This stops the action, freezing it, and is a great way to keep someone from bothering you.

3. Banishing a Habit - Snow Bowl Ritual

  • Fill a bowl with snow. Then, take a piece of paper and write a habit or something you want to get rid of. Place the piece of paper into the snow so it's covered. Add a white candle to the snow (optional) and allow the snow to melt away and clear energetic obstacles. Making it easier to build an abundant future. When your done with the water, throw it outside and give it all back to the earth, along with what you're trying to get rid of.

4. Manifesting your Goals & Wishes - Snow Bowl Ritual

  • If you gather snow during a blizzard, use that snow for bringing what you want into your life. Similar to the banishing a habit snow bowl, write your wishes and goals on a piece of paper and put it into your snow bowl. As it melts your intent is released to the universe clearing any blockages away that would hold back these dreams from manifesting.

Snow has added magical properties from changing elements, to ice as it freezes, then back to water as it melts, signifying transformation, change, rebirth & new beginnings.


These rituals are meant to be as simple as possible, feel free to add your own spice to them for whatever you're hoping to achieve. Remember: the magic isn't in the ingredients as much as it's in the intention. Whatever your focus, and mindset is during your work is what influences the outcome. 

Do you work with snow in your magical practice? Feel free to share any insight in the comments below!

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