Asteria Choker


Asteria [ah-stare-ia] is the Goddess of the night and falling stars. Asteria was known for keeping the moon and stars in their place at night, which ultimately meant to keep balance in the universe. The Goddess Asteria represents the importance of change, helping to release the past, especially those things that are hindering growth, and to accept change and transitions. The Asteria-type Goddess is not afraid to let go of the familiar, and to explore the darker aspects of our soul.  She who wears the Asteria Choker holds the power of divination: the practice of seeking knowledge of the future/unknown and leading with their Intuition.

  • 18k gold plated brass chain & stars with double sided rhinestones 
  • 13 inches + 4 inch extendable clasp

Each Asteria Choker is infused with moonlight from the full moon and cleansed with energy of the divine feminine.

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