Enchantress Eye Necklace


Once upon a time, there lived an irresistibly charming and fascinating sorceress. Her magical powers and unconditional kindness earned her the name, The Enchantress.

She sought after love, not war, and practiced collaboration over competition. By staying true to herself, she set forth to accomplish her life's mission.

This is not a Fairy Tale of a woman in search of romance and fate, for her passion was set on the glass ceilings she was determined to break.

In order to protect her sisters from the evils of patriarchy long after she die, the Enchantress infused her defensive magic within a talisman of diamonds, in the shape of a golden eye.

  • 18k gold plated copper chain + pendant with cubic zirconia diamonds
  • chain measures 17 inches in length

Each Enchantress Eye Necklace is infused with moonlight from the full moon and cleansed with energy of the divine feminine.

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