Opal Sunset Necklace


The Opal Sunset Necklace:  a reminder of all the beauty & new beginnings that await after a storm. This piece is designed after the fiery energy of a late Summer sunset, you know, the ones made of cotton-candy clouds showcasing the most beautiful pink, purple, and blue hues that fill the sky after a storm has cleared.  

Opal Stones are worn to enhance psychic powers and bring out one's inner beauty. This necklace creates an inner fire, amplifying your intuitive energy and carries other metaphysical properties such as: leadership, goal-seeking, mental clarity, courage, and creativity.

  • natural opal stone set in 18k gold Sun pendant 
  • the opal stone's translucent shade may vary slightly as each piece is one of a kind
  • chain measures 18 inches + 2 inch extendable XVIII clasp
  • 18k gold plated brass chain (will not tarnish if properly cared for)

Each Opal Sunset Necklace is infused with moonlight from the full moon and cleansed with energy of the divine feminine.

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