Samhain Ritual Kit
Samhain Ritual Kit
Samhain Ritual Kit
Samhain Ritual Kit
Samhain Ritual Kit
Samhain Ritual Kit
Samhain Ritual Kit
Samhain Ritual Kit

Samhain Ritual Kit

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Light your way through the shadows and into the brightness of your future with our first ever Samhain Candle Ritual Kit for transformation and renewal. The perfect spell work for those seeking to harness the power of this sacred season to break free from bad habits and set transformative personal goals. Samhain, the Celtic festival of the harvest and the thinning veil between worlds, provides an ideal opportunity for self-reflection, release, and rebirth.

Inside this intentionally curated kit, you will find all the tools needed to perform your own Samhain ritual on October 31st. Included is a comprehensive guidebook that will walk you through the significance of Samhain and the step-by-step ritual process. This ritual includes themes of shadow work, releasing, transformation, renewal, and goal setting; helping you embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

This ritual kit includes:

✦ 1 black spell candle (4" tall)

✦ 1 white spell candle (4" tall)

✦ 2  ceramic spell candle holders

✦ 1 veil altar cloth

✦ 1 raw black obsidian crystal

✦ 1 silver moon talisman

✦ 10-page ritual guidebook

Click Here for the Spotify Ritual Playlist

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Every Luna Lifted Gem is bathed under a Full Moon infusing it with moonlight 🌙

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