Twin Flame Friendship Ring

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Twin Flame (n): also known as a mirror soul or twin soul. Someone who mirrors your energetic frequency and with whom you feel eternally connected on the deepest level.  A Twin Flame pushes you to engage with the divine, shift consciousness, and become a better, soulful being in this experience of life. One soul that can bring you back to your true authentic self. One soul who loves every part of you. One soul that you feel you've met in every lifetime. The Sun to your Moon. A twin flame can be a lover, a friend, anyone that crosses your path and has a deep impact on your life.

Share this friendship style ring with someone in your life that's like a twin flame to you. Or simply wear them both yourself! Because, as we know, self love is the greatest love.

  • stainless steel / non tarnish / waterproof
  • available in sizes 6-10 
  • comes with 1 sun ring and 1 moon ring
  • mix & match colors and ring sizes